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Reliable Pool Care is a local family business established in 2001. Our goal is to provide a reliable and consistent pool cleaning service. We are a mobile service business that comes to you, saving you time and money.

Family Pool Business
Family Business.

Our service technicians are experienced in every aspect of pool maintenance. Whether it's the water chemistry or an equipment breakdown we can quickly troubleshoot and fix or find a solution.

Experienced Pool Maintenance

With a team of QBCC licensed Pool Safety Inspectors that take Pool Safety Seriously. We can help you keep your pool area safe for minors.

QBCC licensed Pool Safety Inspectors
Licensed Inspectors.

Reliable Pool Care offers you the latest in technology and efficiency whether it's a backyard pool or a luxury resort. From chemicals, pumps, filters, chlorinators, automated pool cleaners, solar heating, heat pumps and moreā€¦. We have it all.
We Service all areas of Brisbane, Logan and Gold Coast.

Pool Testing
Latest Technology.
Pool Water

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Pool Maintenance

A swimming pool needs maintenance to keep the water quality safe to swim and prevent your pool equipment from breaking down.

We offer a full service to our clients who want regular servicing or those that require it on a casual basis.

Our service includes cleaning the pool, removing all leaves and debris from the water. Empty skimmer basket, check the chemistry of the water and add only the required amount of chemicals. Check and clean your pump, chlorinator and filter to make sure it's working correctly.

We will report any issues that may need extra attention before they become expensive problems.

Pool Maintenance

Equipment Repair Sales

Every piece of equipment in your pool we can repair or if beyond repair we can provide a quote to replace. Our Technicians are all trained in troubleshooting and can repair or install new equipment including all external plumbing.

A leaf scoop, brushes, automated pool cleaners, baskets, lids, pumps, chlorinators, filters, pool lights and much more.

Equipment Repair & Sales

Pool Safety Inspections

With a team of QBCC licensed Inspectors, we take pool safety seriously. We want you to have fun in the sun and enjoy your pool.

Our inspectors will ensure the safety of your family around the pool area.

Currently a Pool Safety Certificate is valid for 2 years on a residential property and 1 year on a commercial property. If you sell or lease your property you are required to provide a current certificate with the contract.

Pool Safety Inspections Gold Coast

Pool Heating Solutions

In Queensland we are very fortunate to have an extended swimming season due to our sensational weather. However in the cooler months you can continue to swim in your pool, there are some great solutions to increase the temperature of your pool water.

Pool blankets, solar heating and heat pumps are very common solutions. We can advise & supply all types of pool heating solutions.

Pool Heating Solutions

Natural Mineral Pool

Transform your pool into a luxurious mineral bath. Specially blended minerals are designed to soften your pool or spa water, for a swimming or bathing experience like no other.

Swimmers can absorb up to 500ml of water in an hour of pool use and the unique blend of Acqua Therepe can provide health benefits for the skin, hair, eyes and nervous system.

Natural Mineral Pool
Natural Mineral Pool
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